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Imtech DryGenic - Drying Technology - Drygenic www.ventilex.com

Drying Technology : Belt dryers / Dehumidifiers / Fluid Bed dryers

Imtech DryGenic unite dehumidification and product drying expertise and customer focused service to each application. For over 50 years Imtech DryGenic has manufactured 
Dehumidification systems
, Drying tunnels / Belt dryers  and Fluid Bed Dryers / Steam sterilizers and is recognized globally for expertise, quality, service and in providing innovative solutions for complex drying processes.

The requirements in, for instance the food, electronic and pharmaceutical industries are frequently adjusted. To serve the changing needs of industrial, institutional and commercial users, new product lines are being continually developed. 

The Imtech DryGenic systems come in variety of configurations depending upon product specification, available energy, air volumes, temperature range and any need for additional biocidal capacity.

Imtech DryGenic helps the industry to produce better quality products in controlled temperature/humidity environment while minimizing utility usage and maximizing production rates.

Imtech DryGenic is a division of Ventilex B.V., which manufactures the highest quality Fluid Bed Dryers, Fluid Bed Coolers, Flash Dryers, Jet-Bag Air Filtration, and Bokfard™ Steam Sterilization Equipment available. 


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